Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 20

The tally is growing and growing, as is the adrenaline. Today marks eight days of solid workouts versus six off days. I definitely notice an increase, however slight in my hops. I played a solid game of five-on-five today (I shot the lights out like Jim Les or Dell Curry or Nick Van Exel, but I couldn't get my shot off in traffic). There is definitely a skill to getting a shot off in traffic, and "creating space" is one intangible that has never been a strenth of my game. I am trying to gauge my vertical leap by my rebounding prowess, and I would give myself a "C" for today, with a couple big boards, but not enough to satisfy me.
After a pretty exhausting two games, during which I felt pretty fatigued, I wanted to rest, but I decided to push myself through an immediate workout.
I was pleased with the workout, using the same number of exercises as last night. One follower of this blog made a very good point in asking me if I think I should be doing less reps with more weight for strength. That is on my mind as I almost close out my second week, so maybe I'll change things up again next week.
I am not by any means an expert on athletic conditioning, but I am currently of the belief that my stated goal (dunkin, babeeeee) lends itself better to a series of exercises that will increase anaerobic readiness as well as strength--hence, lower weight, more reps? Any thoughts?

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