Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday, August 21-Jimmy likes the Strength Shoes?

Today's workout makes it nine days off and six days off. I've definitely made stretching a priority, because my muscles are incredibly tight, as my yoga instructor and physical therapist will tell you. It seems that I spend as much time stretching as I do exercising, but as boring as the stretching is, I know that it is crucial to me meeting my goal.
Some people have asked me if I'm going to use the Strength Shoes, or something similar. As for now, I have no immediate plans to do so, but I'm thinking I'll probably give in and buy them in a few weeks.
These shoes bring up two disparate images in my mind: the first is the obvious success of some of my friends and teammates who used them regularly throughout high school. Yes, high school was ten years ago, but I would be more than willing to swallow my pride and be That Guy working out with the shoes long after his competitive basketball days are over if the shoes help me to throw down.
The second image is of Mel Torme singing "When You're Smilin" to me as I sit with a goofy smile on a dais next to the "Velvet Fog"...

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