Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24

Ugly. Tonight's workout was ugly. I would say that getting two hours of sleep two nights before a workout, on a weekend in which you're supposed to be "resting," is not a smart maneuver. I skipped the jump roping, though the blame can be passed on to the personal trainers at my local 24 Hour Fitness for not leaving their cabinets (full of weights and jump ropes) unlocked as usual.
Besides that, the number of reps for each exercise was equal to that of my last workout. My prowess, however, was lacking on many of the exercises. My "rim touches" were more like broad jumps into the pole I use as a rim, more horizontal than vertical towards the end of my 25 jumps.
I am at times an optimist, and at times a pessimist, which makes me a staunch pessimist, right? Don't be so sure, you never know what can happen with a little positive thinking...
The optimist in me is sleeping tonight, though I can say that at least I went through with the workout (more or less) in its entirety, when my legs and my brain said "NO!" just a few hours before. Who knows, maybe this workout, in all of its gory and ugliness, will be the difference in that quarter-inch that allows me to throw down, and oh so beautifully....

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