Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday, October 3

Ouch, I'm back after an embarrassing absence of a month and a few days. This blog may bear a title rife with subjectivity, but its very format blinds me with its objectivity. As this listing from October 3 is right above the previous post from August 28, it would seem that I have done nothing in my "quest" for some 30 plus days. That is, unfortunately, fairly true. With the exception of three runs and maybe three or four days of jumping exercises, I have not done much in the area of vertical leap improvement. I also have not met with my physical therapist, nor done more than three days of stretching.
I am in constant back pain--not debilitating, but enough to change the way I sit, the way I sleep, and the way I walk.
I am also in a fairly constant reverie about what it would be like to dunk, or what it would like to talk about dunking, about what it would be like to surprise myself (and everybody else!) in some meaningless pickup game by going up for a rebound and dunking a followup on a missed shot.
I've even dreamed about dunking--all of them misty and hazy in my memory, but they seem to have left a fairly light footprint on my mind as functional, simple dunks.
My back alters my life multiple times a day, I am often thinking on rim-rocking glory--shoot, I even dream about dunking--so why haven't I done much to alleviate the pain and bring about the glory?
I ask myself the same thing, and then I mentally castigate for not keeping to my regimen and my physical therapy, and then I ask myself again why I haven't done much to alleviate the pain and bring about the glory, and then I think of how much work I have to do, how many deadlines I have to meet, how many errands I have to run, and how much work I should be doing. This cycle continues so faithfully and drains so thoroughly that action is often slow in coming.
Ergo, a month off, but I'm back now. And this time, I'm back for good....right?

"Never mistake motion for action."--Ernest Hemingway