Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17

Indeed, the gap is closing. Now I have done five workouts with six off days. It is pretty amazing how quickly I can lose some of the gains made in a week of training. As I do my calf raises, my legs feel the combined effects of a week off of leg exercises and a strenuous stretch at yoga yesterday. As I do my "rim touches" against a beam at my local 24 Hour Fitness (nice product placement, eh?), I feel dizzy and can't seem to jump straight up. Small victories, though, rule the day. I finish the workout, do all my exercises, and am hyped to even up the tally at 6 and 6 tomorrow.....
The key is to avoid the mentality that has weighed me down at times, which says that if my level of success goes down, I often become very hesitant to continue with the sport or workout until my level is visually appealing to the masses. You know, the masses that watch 3-on-3 halfcourt games at the local schoolyard.
As one can safely assume, it is hard to improve on anything when you do not practice it. Exhibit A: My disbelief over my staggeringly-worsening golf game, which may be in some way connected to only playing about five rounds in the last five years.


  1. This is great! Very inspiring. As a 35 year old, 5'10", fit white guy, I've always wondered if I could dunk if I really applied myself.

    I will be following closely.

    I'd love a post about your 'program' and how you decided on it. Also, have you considered those special shoes with the elevated toes to improve your vertical?

  2. This is great stuff--I totally relate to where you are/have been. I took summer school in college one year, and having nothing to do for large parts of the day a buddy and I started doing a plyometric routine every afternoon. I'm only 5'7", so dunking has been out of the question for me my entire life--didn't mean I didn't want to jump higher, though.

    There was a building next to where we'd do our workouts that had a piece of 18" wide black metal trim wrapping an overhang. We discovered that if you smacked you hand against when jumping, a grease print of your hand would remain on the trim clearly showing how high you reached. So we did this at the beginning and measured, and I came in at 8'10" or 11" (just under 9' is what I remember). We did the test again three or four weeks later and I came in at 6+ inches higher (don't remember the precise height now, but I do know that it was more than 6 in. in gains). Sadly, in the years since that summer I have discovered that my vertical has gone back down to what it once was. After reading your blog, though, I must admit that it does get the competitive juices going again--can it be done? Even for me?

    Looking forward to hearing about your progress.

  3. I justed wanted to encourage you in your quest. I still play regularly at 34, but I am 5-6 inches away from successfully dunking. The other night, I had a dream that that gap had miraculously shrunk to nothing, and I was able to dunk with ease and increasing confidence.

    It was, without hyperbole, one of the best dreams I've ever had. I smiled all day.